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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Here We Go Again...Padre Pio Did Not Write or Predict or Prophesy Anything About The Three Days of Darkness

     For many years there have been rampant references to a letter Padre Pio was supposed to have written, predicting and describing the dire things that will happen during a coming Three Days of Darkness, and what one is to do to be safe from this chastisement. Despite the many denials and corrections -- that Padre Pio did not make this prediction -- by the Capuchins of Padre Pio's friary in San Giovanni Rotondo, Italy, who knew him well and knew him best, this false story still persists today, out of control. It just keeps being repeated as though it's an absolute fact. https://mysticpost.com/2017/10/padre-pio-three-days-darkness-keep-windows-well-covered-not-look/ There are quite a number of videos on YouTube, as well.

Let's be clear at the very start:

Padre Pio never wrote such a letter!

Padre Pio himself called the letter "a forgery."

Padre Pio never predicted The Three Days of Darkness

     Reading the prophecy-letter claimed to be from Padre Pio, one can clearly tell it isn't even Padre Pio's way of speaking. Or of predicting. If you read the many friary memoirs about St. Padre Pio available, you will sense our real and true Padre Pio. If you read his letters to his spiritual directors (Letters  I ), you will know that Padre Pio was not one to hand out such prophecies.

     I have personally had many phone discussions about this with Father Joseph Pius Martin, OFM, Cap. (RIP 2000), who, as Brother Bill Martin, assisted Padre Pio in Pio's last years of life. After Padre Pio's death, Bill Martin was ordained a Capuchin priest and spent the rest of his life in San Giovanni Rotondo making the Padre known to the world as editor of The Voice of Padre Pio (the friary's magazine), as well as guide for the thousands of pilgrimages that visited Padre Pio's tomb over the years. You can learn about Father Joseph Pius's loyalty and filial love for Padre Pio and how well he knew the Padre by reading the obituary for him (d. 5/3/2000) by Fr. Paolo Cuvino, Provincial Minister of the Capuchin Friars at the time, on this website www.first.padrepiosworld.net/page6.php

     I sent Father Joseph every item I ran across in Catholic papers attributing "The Three Days..." to Padre Pio, and Father Joseph wrote many a letter to newspapers and magazines trying to stop the hoax -- for, as you will see, that is what it was.

     One who also worked very hard at reaching people who printed this false story was Joseph Peterson, a spiritual son of Padre Pio since World War II,. He visited Padre Pio yearly and also knew the truth.

     Finally, and most importantly, another Capuchin, Father John Schug, OFM, Cap., (RIP) a Padre Pio biographer and friend of the Capuchin friary where Padre Pio lived, thoroughly researched the story on how this hoax and forgery got started. His article was published in Homiletic and Pastoral Review, June, 1998. http://www.hprweb.com/ which I, in turn, published on my website on January 3, 2015. http://www.first.padrepiosworld.net/page32.php

     Father Schug's article was precise and comprehensive; and cleared the air on the subject once and for all, for anyone who would read it. But it lies dead unless it can be found. That is why I repeat excerpts below, on this, my blog, hoping it will get around... But it's like the release of feathers from a pillow from atop a windswept mountain. You never can get all those feathers back.

     Once again, here is a photocopy of excerpts from Father Schug's article in Homiletic and Pastoral Review.

     One voice among many who protested the
   alleged Padre Pio connection with the Three
   Days of Darkness was Joseph Peterson. We

    To continue to report this falsity about Padre Pio can taint and put in doubt the true, supernatural graces and charisms of this great mystic of the Catholic Church. This frustrates, saddens and yes, angers me -- I know how hard Father Joseph Pius Martin, Father Dominic Meyer, Father John Schug, Joe Peterson, and all the Capuchins of Pio's friary tried to right this wrong.

     This is not to deny or question any of the other prophecies of "The Three Days of Darkness" by saints of the past, as described in Fr.Albert Hebert's book, The Three Days of Darkness. This is merely to uphold the truth as known by the friars and historians of Padre Pio's friary. You are urged to contact them with your questions at:

                                    The Voice of Padre Pio
                                     Piazzale Santa Maria delle Grazie, 4
                                     71013 San Giovanni Rotondo (FG) Italy

                                     e-mail: thevoice@vocedipadrepio.com


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