"...And What is Lacking of the Sufferings of Christ, I Fill up in my Flesh for his Body, Which is the Church..." (Col.1:24)

Friday, September 29, 2017

Padre Pio Carries On

     Thank you for landing on my newest blog. Please visit my website, www.first.padrepiosworld.net to learn why St. Pio of Pietrelcina was considered the greatest saint of the century, and many say of all Christendom. Also click on my previous Blog-ette Jeanettehttp://www.first.padrepiosworld.net/page22.php for more of the wondrous and startling things that filled Padre Pio's world.    
     Padre Pio lived with the bleeding crucifixion wounds of Jesus Christ for fifty years. He was the conduit of untold numbers of miracles; he had a host of charismatic gifts and built a massive and beautiful hospital on the top of a barren mountain, which flourishes today on the site of Padre Pio's shrine, the second most visited Catholic shrine in the world, after Guadalupe. There, Padre Pio's encased body is visible to all. Despite his great activities while on earth, Padre Pio said at various times, my real mission will begin after I'm gone...He died in 1968 and was canonized in 2002. Deeply troubled over the ways of the world, especially abortion, he once exclaimed, "The world is catching fire!"
     Obviously, we are living in a world on fire. The much-needed mission of the saint of the many miracles and charismas, is underway and will continue until. . .God's Will be done.
     Hereafter, I'll be posting on this blog only, www.padrepiosworld2.blogspot.com, which is a continuation of all that went before on the first website and Blog-ette.

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